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We offer 3 levels of Retainer Client Memberships to accommodate different lifestyles.

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$500,000 USD


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The Exclusive Travel Club Membership is essentially a retainer, offering a legitimate invoice for a genuine payment of funds made. Your Membership deposit will stand as credit for you to use when booking a Model/Celebrity and making travel arrangements. Please think of us as a secret bank for putting aside socializing funds. A stash of funding for your playtime, which nobody will ever know about, with no paper trail. With our highly discreet and legitimate billing companies, Membership payments are easily hidden in business expenses and thereafter utilized for your vacation time and after-hours dinner dates.

*If you’re only looking to book an escort model for an hour meeting a couple of times a year, or your budget is limited, then the Membership is not for you. Membership is really only suited to the affluent caller who either books regularly or books high-profile celebrity escort models & actresses.

Ultimate Discretion  & Privacy

As an Exclusive Travel Club Member, you are afforded ultimate discretion and privacy regarding travel plans you make and the elegant courtesan escorts you book through our luxury travel dating service.

The UTR (Under The Radar) High-profile secret escort providers and Celebrities available are secured with this Membership option to ensure the highest discretion. The Membership status secures everyone, from the models to the clients, ensuring a 100% privacy and stress-free community. 

Many of our clients are top businessmen and public figures, and as such, confidentiality is aggressively maintained. In one word, we can say the Membership protects everyone from time wasters and trouble makers.


Locations for a dinner date or destinations for a luxury vacation remain 100% confidential as everything from booking arrangements to payments will be taking care of for you.

Meet Top SuperModels & Celebrities

As an Exclusive Travel Club Member, some of the most exclusive supermodels and celebrities who make themselves are available can be booked for dinner dates or travel companions. These ladies have made themselves available only to the most affluent and selective gentlemen. Your Travel Club Membership gives you access to some of the world’s most beautiful and successful models, movie stars, TV stars, and performers is a reality. You will enjoy a personally tailor-made date with exclusive, fascinating beauties from all over the world. Visit our Celebrity page for more details.

High-Class Escort Models for your Luxury Travel Destinations

Luxury escort models and actresses are available to meet you in London, Paris, Monte Carlo/ Monaco, Nice, St Tropez, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Brussels, Zurich, Geneva, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Australian Coastal holiday spots, tropical island locations, luxury holiday destinations and more. In fact, we can arrange a suitable company for you in any international location that offers a four or five-star resort or hotel.

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The Membership is not mandatory, as you can still book some of the Escort Models listed on our website without it. However, as mentioned above, for access to a more exclusive privilege and our concierge services, a Membership will be required.