​Meeting your favorite celebrity as your personal escort can be a dream come true. The chance of meeting this beauty in life is very slim, without the right contacts. However with us, you can be introduced to unattainable, uncontactable celebrity escorts; top fashion supermodels, Victoria’s Secret models, Hollywood actresses, Bollywood actresses, and more.

We can occasionally contact a celebrity on your behalf to attend an exclusive dinner date with you, however, we generally work with the celebrities whom we have already approached for representation. To meet famous actresses, brand ambassadors, top models, TV stars, and tasteful Instagram sensations, you will require an Exclusive Membership status. Only the most superb and beautiful celebrity models and actresses are selected to introduce to you – we don’t accept someone just because she’s famous ;)​

You can read a bit more about why a supermodel or actress might become a celebrity escort. It seems unlikely to some people that they could possibly meet a celebrity this way. You would ask yourself Don’t celebrities make millions? You’d be surprised. See below how the industry really works, and why so many celebrities are turning to companionship for independent income, rather than waiting for the big endorsement deal, or the rich husband. It’s all about female empowerment and savvy business moves. Something every woman has the right to pursue in the free world. : )  ♥

Why Do Famous Celebrities Become Companions?

While few companies genuinely attract a celebrity staff (not porn stars, but actually famous mainstream supermodels, cover girls, and actresses), the agencies that do are extremely high-end, professional, and protective. You may wonder why on earth a celebrity would want or need to become a companion? Aren’t they rich??

Unknown to many of the public, the income isn’t always high for many models or is often unstable and intermittent. Unless they’re a super-busy commercial model or a brand name themselves – Even then, work can dry up here and there, and they still need to pay their bills, maintain their looks and have some lifestyle. The same applies to actresses. Unless they make it to the A or B list or have many endorsements or commercial jobs, they often need to supplement their income. And some A or B list celebrities have a fun fantasy to be available for clandestine meetings with billionaires. Each to their own!

As such, being available as a secret companion to a select few is the perfect option for a female celebrity. It is highly confidential, as everyone involved signs legal Non-Disclosure agreements. It allows them the freedom to attend a short notice casting or audition without worrying about having to be ‘on shift’ somewhere or give notice at work. It’s lucrative, as it’s a thrill for many gentlemen to meet the girl of his dreams, straight from the cover of his favorite magazine! Or the runway; many Victoria’s Secret models have been known to waft through our doors – talk about Angels!

And to be honest, it is actually challenging for women of this caliber to enjoy a simple date, which is often what they crave, just a night out with a sophisticated gentleman. Most men are intimidated by her status and beauty. It’s a sad irony; some of the most beautiful women in the world are single. Therefore being introduced to a successful gentleman can mean a fun evening for her also. There are alot of gentlemen who will be very happy to pay a high price to meet his fantasy woman, so they benefit from the meeting. A once-in-a-lifetime experience for him, a few months’ rent and expenses for the model/actress. And a wonderful, memorable evening for them both. Perfect.


Meeting a Celebrity Escort?

Initially, one needs to be careful to find a genuine company providing genuine celebrities. Many companies will promise to introduce you to a celebrity but cannot deliver. Keep in mind also there are degrees of celebrity. Do you want to meet a well-known cover girl, an up-and-coming actress, a top supermodel, an A or B list actress? Depending on the model/actress you wish to meet, the fees will fluctuate. A Victoria’s Secret supermodel will obviously command a higher fee than a cover girl still in development.

You’ll need to be extremely affluent to meet someone of this caliber. However, the gentlemen for whom price is irrelevant are actively seeking out this caliber. We offer a lovely group of beautiful and accomplished models and actresses of varying degrees of success for you to invite to dinner or for your travel vacations. Given a model’s status, she can’t be available to just anyone, and therefore must set her fees at a level that politely eliminates most people.

This keeps her exclusive to the kind of gentleman who understands her world and understands the meaning of confidentiality. We represent and also have access to many famous models and celebrity actresses of different levels of success. Many are unlisted or available to our exclusive members-only.

Keep in mind some celebrities are obviously simply unavailable; married, filming, pregnant, traveling, uninterested… There can be many reasons why a model or actress will decline an invitation to fly via private jet to a luxury dinner for hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, we respect people’s freedom of choice, of course.

We will always do our best to provide you a suitable companion who appeals to you. We only cater to those gentlemen who love and respect women, not those approaching the situation like selecting livestock… Like anything in life, please always be careful that you’re being treated with respect and dealing with a genuine company. Many opportunistic people in the world will try to take advantage of others. Only do business with those companies who operate with authenticity and a genuine desire to provide quality. This should be clearly apparent in their level of communication, reliability, and professionalism. We look forward to introducing you to a dream celebrity escort.


Celebrity Escorts Available 

These are ladies who have sensitive careers and are concerned about their privacy. As such, a lot of them are available for direct introduction only. They are very concerned about having details about themselves online, just in case, someone might recognize them. So we introduce appropriate celebs to clients personally. As a VIP concierge, personal service is what we’re all about, after all